Cottam Diecasting Limited was first established as E & S Quality Products in 1956 in a 3,000 square foot building in the town of Cottam, Ontario in Essex County. It was a partnership of Stanley Scratch (the die caster) and Carl Esping (the tool maker). The business grew rapidly. The main customers were builders of power tools for the rapidly expanding do-it-yourself market. The original machine was a new 60 ton American hot chamber casting machine, which was restored as our 50th anniversary project and is in production today.

In 1966 Carl Esping sold his interests to Gilson Brothers Inc.- the largest customer at the time - and the company was incorporated under the current name Cottam Diecasting Limited.

Original 60 ton machine rebuilt to 2007 standard 50th Anniversary project

Stanley subsequently bought the balance of shares from Gilson Brothers Inc. in 1971, at which time his son Richard joined the firm fresh out of engineering college.

The company continued to grow over the years and added the first aluminum machine in 1988. Despite expansions in Cottam to 12,500 sq ft, the company outgrew the original location and moved to a leased 25,000 sq ft facility in Oldcastle, Ontario in 1993, by which time we were supplying builder’s hardware, automotive components, electronics housings and steering components.

The company moved again in the Spring of 2003 into the current location - a 65,000 sq ft plant located in the Town of Tecumseh, Ontario. We now operate 9 zinc machines from 50 to 800 tons and 2 aluminum machines of 600 and 750 ton. All machines are fully automated.

We continue to look to the future with investments in technology and new equipment to reduce costs and remain competitive through the new decade.