Casting Capabilities

The company can produce high pressure die castings in most oft-used alloys:

9 hot chamber zinc machines

Zinc Zamac 3, Zamac 5, Zamac 7, ZA-8, Z-12, ZA-27

Aluminum 380, 383, 360

We can produce parts in volumes from as low as 200 pieces to as high as 2,000,000 a year; weights from a few grams to 5 kg.

In zinc, we have 9 hot chamber machines ranging from small 35 ton high speed horizontal machines (used for castings requiring only tumble de-gating) to large 600 and 800 ton machines used for conventional cast and trim work.

We have recently installed Techmire 4 x 4 four slide machines for production of high volume miniature die castings.

Two 600 ton cold chamber aluminum machines

For aluminum casting we have two 600 ton HPM cold chamber machines fully automated (ladler, sprayer, extractor). A Visitrak shot monitor system is used for process control.

All large machines run fully automatic with extractors, spray units and manually operated trim presses.

The small machines drop castings into quench conveyors. The castings are relatively flash free and require only tumble de-gating.

The tooling we run can be either standard self-contained full molds or unit dies of various sizes DME 8 x 10, 10 x 12 or 12 x 15.

Small machines drop castings into quench conveyors
Zinc machines DTI 50 ton 2
American 60 ton 1
HPM 200 ton 1
HPM 400 ton 1
HPM 450 ton 1
Cleveland 400 ton 1
Prince 600 ton 1
Kux 800 ton 1
Techmire 44H 2
Aluminum machines HPM 600 ton 2